Some seasons in life are spent in flux, either for reasons we know or reasons that are a mystery.  One day, we wake up and have a sense that something is shifting, that the landscape of our life is no longer quite what it was the day before.  We are no longer exactly where or who we used to be, but we are not grounded firmly in the next place or evolution of self. 

We are in a liminal space. 

About Cate

Cate Noellert has been seeking and exploring liminal spaces long before she knew what the word “liminal” meant.  From an early age she was attracted to mythology and poetry, two subjects that give images and voice to experiences in life that are hard to capture concretely.  As an adult, Cate feels called in multiple directions concurrently, and is always in the practice of trying to live in the middle land, straddling her three avocations of Mother, Pastor, and Counselor.  She pursued an undergraduate degree in English with a Poetry emphasis, and then went on to study theology and depth psychology, gaining both Masters of Divinity and Masters of Counseling Psychology degrees.  Cate is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and is in process towards licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California.

Cate is gifted in creating spaces where difficult, uncomfortable, or simply unfamiliar things can be explored, resulting in greater understanding, hope, and healing in people’s lives.  This can be done simply across a table through deep and attentive listening to one person, or in a large room with many gathered for discernment.  With the foundational beliefs that the truth within us wants to speak, and that different parts of ourselves speak in different languages, Cate uses a range of modalities to help evoke what wisdom might be waiting in places we have not known how to explore.

Fundamentally, Cate believes that beauty exists in every crevice of creation, and that discovering it is both the privilege and charge of each human life.  Beauty can be what lures us into places we might not otherwise be brave enough to explore.  Even in the liminal spaces - those new and foreign landscapes in life - beauty awaits.  At this moment, Cate is most excited about the opportunities to companion others in the discovery of this in their lives.