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What We're All About

Liminal Grace is a wellness brand that illuminates the power of mindful presence and grace. In between the past that we cannot change and the future that has not come yet, lies the only place that we have any power, right now, the present.

What if we met the present moment with love...

with confidence...

with grace?

What kind of world could we create together?

These are the questions we're asking. This is our journey. And yours. If you so choose.

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To cultivate and inspire a mindful, adaptable & empowered way of being that is Spirit-led & rooted in nature's wisdom using yoga, mindfulness practices & outdoor education.

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Gigi is a 200-hour certified vinyasa yoga teacher, the founder of Liminal Grace and an eternal student of life. She uses the principles of mindfulness as a catalyst for self-empowerment and spiritual liberation. With a stong belief that holding space for collective reflection, imagination and transformation is the key to meaningful change, Gigi regards her work as spiritual activism. Her teaching style honors, the beauty and nuance of the human experience while encouraging individual power and curiosity along the way.

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