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Grounded Intention Retreat

Summer just ended and the holidays are already right around the corner! In this life it is easy to get in a cycle of always doing, always giving and forgetting to pause for reflection, realignment and celebration. 


Ready to break the cycle with like-minded group who are striving to do the same?

Ready to celebrate all you've overcome and set your intentions for the new year?

Ready to prepare for winter so you can feel glorious all season long?

If so, this retreat is for you!

Take a weekend to retreat from your everyday routine and give yourself the much needed rest and rejuvenation that you crave. From hearty, nourishing meals to spa treatments in the sauna to visioning for your future, Grounded Intention Retreat is about to get you right before we jump into another busy season.


November 18th-20th

Arrival 11/18 5pm-6pm | Departure 11/20 12pm

Please note in your registration survey (questions section) if you will need to arrive or depart at different times.

Tea with Dates

Food -

Nourish Your Body

Fall and Winter can get windy, so it's important that we ground ourselves with nourishing food. Your retreat cost covers 5 full meals during the retreat, plus lots of tea and a lil' wine & bubbly.

Accomodations -

Connect On A Deeper Level

Community is essential for our mental, emotional, and even physical, wellness. Let's gather on some grown up slumber party vibes!  Rooms are shared. There is one big room for those who want their own bed (5 spaces available) and two rooms with a king size bed for friends or couples that don't mind sharing a bed (must indicate who you are sharing with during intake).

Slumber Party

Activities -

Take What You Need

When we move with clarity & intention, we can make our wildest dreams come true. This retreat is curated to support intention setting by holding space for self-inquiry, imagination and self-care. We will offer morning aromatherapy yoga sessions, ayurvedic winter wellness information, a nature walk, collective dreaming exercise & an intention setting ceremony!

Chill Time - 

Choose Your Path

At the end of the day, this retreat is for YOU,

so there is free time scheduled as well as permission to skip out on any part that doesn't quite serve you. Wan to sleep in one day? Skip yoga and meet us at breakfast. Want some extra time in the sauna or outdoors? Take it!  It's your life,  your choice around here!


Your mindful getaway awaits...

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