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Relaxing in Pool

Grounded Intention Spa Day

Grounded Intention Spa Day is your day to set the tone for 2023 with clear and authentic intention in the energy of the first new moon of the year. A reset steeped in reflection, imagination, stillness & creation! Indulge in this dreamy day of soul care and intention setting designed to nurture your deepest truth. 



The Spa

Our host, Balian Springs Spa, is a social wellness club that curates unique wellness journeys for those seeking a meaningful balance between mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social well-being. Your ticket give you access to all pools, hot tubs, saunas, aqua lounge & you may order food or spa treatments at an additional cost.


Grounded Intention Setting

Intentions are less about what you want to do & more about who you want to be. This session uses gentle movement, deep stillness, visualization & journaling to mindfully observe ourselves, identifying our deepest values & desires. Allow Gigi to lead you on a journey to self that begs & answers the questions "who am I?", "how do I desire to feel?" & "why?" so that you may cultivate a life that is blissfully irresistible!

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Smudge Stick Lab

Manifest Your Dreams with the help of flowers and herbs in our Smudge Stick Lab. A Floral Smudge Stick is a smoke wand - similar to a sage stick, for example - made with flowers and herbs for rituals such as cleaning, and for aromatherapy.

Learn about the historical and cultural values of burning herbs through an anthropological lens, write affirmations and engage in sensory activities in order to create custom Floral Smudge Sticks. Warning: prepare to be blindfolded!


Integration & Celebration

Your time relaxing at the spa after our activities is not just a random add-on! Rest & relaxation are essential elements of well-being, allowing the body & mind to restore & regenerate. With your experience-enhancing gift bag in hand, enjoy all that Balian Springs Spa has to offer and then meet us for a champagne toast to celebrate our luxuriously mindful start to the year. And so it is!

Zen Stones


The Details

The event begins at 9:45, but please arrive 15-30 minutes early to account for the check-in process. The structured portion of our day will be 3 hours long, ending at 12:45pm. We will then enjoy the spa at our own pace & flow. At 3:45pm, we will reconvene to have a champagne toast & share any reflections that are on our hearts. You are welcome to stay at the spa until close at 10pm. Also, this experience is open to all genders.

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